Readers Speak

I am not in the non-profit business, yet your Weekend Briefing is a steadfast font of wisdom, insight and inspiration.
Madison, WI
I truly look forward to that 5-10 minutes of down time on Sunday nights and use it as an opportunity to reflect and plan, and take something away from every Briefing. Thanks for sharing your experience and perspective.
Merrillville, IN
I wish I could unscrew the top of your head, unscrew the top of my head, and pour what's in your head into mine.
Chicago, IL
You speak from experience and from your heart, which makes all the difference.
Los Angeles, CA
My attitude is always better on Monday and I look forward to tackling whatever comes my way as a result of your writing. I should have written long ago to thank you for all the inspiration you have shared with me and with others.
Jacksonville, FL
Thanks for the fantastic insights and stories. They've absolutely helped me become a better fundraiser.
Tucson, AZ

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